Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Vacation pt. 1... Christmas Fun/ Wedding Gown Bliss!

Oh my. It has been forever and a day since I last blogged. To be honest, I really do not like this time of year because everyone gets caught up in the holidays and looses sight of everything else. And that is exactly what happened to me (I even forgot to pay our wedding photographer, luckily he's a cool guy. We are also pretty sure that we are distant cousins, more on that later).

Now I am in Herriman, Utah, (with T's family) finally getting around to blogging (because almost everything is closed on Sundays, so there really isn't much more to do).

Beautiful Herriman

A lot has happened it the past (two?) weeks. And since this post can go on forever I think I will do it in several different posts.

The week of Christmas was tons of fun. T's leave didn't begin until the 28th so for Christmas weekend they had a 96, BUTTTT because of all the crazy rain we've been having there were mudslides all over Camp Pendleton. To the point where 2 entrance gates were shut down and nobody could get through. So the Commanding Officer of Camp Pendleton told pretty much everyone to go home. The 96 turned into 120. Awesome right?

Since T and I were both off we enjoyed spending time together and with my family. For Christmas Eve and Christmas day we stayed at my parents house and played games all night long. The one (of many) reasons I like our Christmas' is because everything is so laid back. We stay in our PJ's all day and just hang out. This year I took the Wii home from my office and we played that almost 24/7.

 Christmas morning!

We also took some family photos
 Kaleb was only happy in T's arms.. in all the other 
photos he was crying

This one is my favorite

On the 27th my mom, sister (my maid of honor) and I took a train up to Fashion District in LA and bought my wedding dress!! It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am on the fence about putting a picture up.. I may because I love it so much!

My sister found it and she said "what about this one?" and I put it on. It was the only dress I didn't want to take off. Seriously, I would wear it grocery shopping if I could. Now I just have to loose a few pounds so I can look EVEN MORE AMAZING in it.

More wedding planning is to commence while we're up here. I'm super excited everything is coming together but I know we still have a lot more to go.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Pt. 2  on the flight from HELLL and New Years shenanigans will come soon.


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Brook said...

That first picture is absoutely stunning. I love the view. You guys are the cutest couple!!! Love the pictures. It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!!! Gorgeous family you have there!! Hopefully you post a picture of your wedding dress, I love wedding dresses!! Well you take care!!