Monday, January 17, 2011

Is It Still Cool to Fly Like a G6?

Well, I'm not literally flying a G6 airplane but time is sure flying (and its flying in style, yes, my time flies in a G6). I had a wonderful 3 day weekend and now I am quite sad to depart from it.

This week is going to be quite hectic but really exciting! More about that a little later.

Another SUPERRRR exciting fact. My Dad is officially an ordained minister and he will be marrying T & I in June! I am so excited. When it came down finding an officiant I kept thinking, how can I just hire some random guy to preform my marriage? Seeing that we are not actively apart of our respected religions, I wasn't going to pick some name out of a hat and call it a day. That's when I though it would be awesome if my Dad could marry us. I asked, and he was so delighted how could he say no?!

I am so excited for our special day and that my Dad will have a special part in it!
My Daddy!! And my nephew (he is much bigger now!)

For now I'll leave you a lovely photo from our weekend.
 Creascent Bay, Laguna Beach (where T proposed). 
We had a blasty blast looking at all the tidepools.

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Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

That is awesome and will make your day even more special! I'm so happy and excited for you! And I still think your nephew is the cutest ever!