Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is That a Joke??

Today in Astronomy (the class T and I take together) we had to work in groups. So we worked with this guy next to us (he was awesome, very nice and one of those who HELP in a group, not just sit around)  and by the end of class we got to talking. We started to talk about how we are moving to Oceanside tomorrow (YES THAT'S RIGHT!!! BAH  came through!). When we said we are moving in together he was like:

Guy in class: "Wait, you two are together?"

Me: "Yeah, were engaged"

Guy: "Is that a joke?"

Me: "No, we're really getting married"

Guy: "Seriously, are you joking?"

T: "Haha, no man" (points to my ring)

Me: (show him my ring)

Guy: "Oh, well that's cool I guess"

I guess getting married young is an anomaly around here.

It definitely gave me and T a good laugh though!

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Stephanie said...

Wow.. that guy must be living under a rock to think it's weird that yall are engaged..that struck me as maybe some kind of racist for some reason :(
Well, I'm glad yall do not let things like that get to you because yall are a cute couple :D