Monday, April 19, 2010

To Do Now & To Dream Later

Alright. I have many things I have to accomplish before TJ gets home. It's amazing, this whole time I have been screaming from the rooftops "ONE WEEK!!!!". Yet this week has creeped up on me fast like a cheetah stalking his prey. (I have been watching a lot of Life on the Discovery channel, can you tell?) Anyhow, now I have roughly 3 days to do finish a whole bunch of stuff. (it's not really 3 days, I am just telling myself it's 3 days away so I can get this shiz done. In reality, he is still grounded in Afghanistan, with no word of when their flight will be, because of this stupid Icelandic volcano that has decided to muff up all the airspace the week TJ is supposed to be home. As you can see from my PG curse words, I am slightly pissed.) This is what needs to be done:

1. New extensions, beautiful long ones.

2. Operation cleanup. If you catch my drift.

3. Sew new straps on the dress. I'm not entirely sure I will accomplish this. If I do not find the fabric at Joanne's I am not even going to bother. Although I would really like thicker straps on it.

4. Beach Rental. I found this CUTEE rental right on the beach. The owner was so nice she said to just give her a call when I knew TJ would be in town and she would make it work. I just hope she isn't all booked up, seeing that our reservation will be VERY last minute.

5. Wash and Iron TJ's civilian clothes.

6. Pack our bags!

7. Clean the car. We cant be picking him up in a dirty vehicle. I am also super excited to write something cute on my back window about picking up my sailor. I even bought the window paint and by bought I mean borrowed from our ASG art room.

8. Take care of the odds and ends at work and school before I go MIA for a week. I need to finish 2 essays 1 extra credit assignment and finalize banquet plans.

I am almost certain more tasks need to be added to this list but for the sake of time, and my sanity, I will keep it to these 8 things. Oh, I should maybe throw in a few last minute workouts because, lets face it, I must look good! SO MUCH TO DO!

On an unrelated note. I am totally obsessed with real estate. When I am not watching Judge Judy, or even when I am, I search listings. This is my favorite one so far:

Isn't this house a gem? It sits on 23 acres of beautiful Virginian land. Some day I will have a house like this, with a salad garden out back, some rows of corn and hens to lay eggs for my freshly baked pies which I will place in the window sill to cool. All while all my kiddies run around the fields and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.

One day.


HellcatBetty said...

OMG I'm doing the saaaame stuff! And I only have a few days to accomplish it all. Ack! Sooo exciting though :) Congrats on the impending reunion!!!

navywife24 said...

Im so happy and excited for you girl!! and that sucks about the whole volcano these natural disasters have a way of ruining plans!! lol good luck accomplishing everything on your to do list...i know it may seem like a lot but just stay focused and you can finish in time! and once you do take some time to relax and pamper yourself before your man comes home! :) you are so worth it!! Good luck and btw I love that house in Virginia you posted! its gorgeous and my husband and I just so happen to be moving there once he comes home from this deployment! I can't wait!! i'm so excited cause it beautiful there and will be some place new and exciting for us! :)

Delainey said...

Hellcat- SOOOO exciting, I know! Good luck on finishing your long list!

Navywife- Thanks for throwing luck my way, I'm going to need it. That is so exciting that your moving there! Something is slightly appealing about the East coast, mostly that they have seasons haha Good luck on the impending move!