Saturday, April 17, 2010


I woke up this morning (no, not feeling like P-Diddy) but feeling SICK! This can't be happening, I can't be getting sick. Boooo. My throat hurts, my nose is stuffy and I have the dreaded itchy ear. Fun NOT FUN! I have been getting a lot sick lately. Possibly because I am stressed or maybe because I sleep with my window open or the cold weather we have been having or maybe its because I've been eating tons of crap lately. I normally don't eat poorly but I just had to go to Farrells last night. This ice cream parlor was so much fun, it's kinda nuts the wait staff is always making a ruckus, running around with drums and ringing bells. Kaleb, my wonderful 10 month nephew hated it at first but alas he ended up enjoying all the new sights and sounds and the company of Gina and Courtney. But the moral of this story is. I WOKE UP SICK. I think it is time to take some Buckley's:

This stuff is AMAZING. Sister Tucker from Church introduced me to this stuff many moons ago and it is like magic in a bottle. Although it does taste like you just ate a spoon full of Vick's Vapor Rub, yuck. Hopefully it will (which it always does) kick my coldish symptoms in the butt because if I am still sick next week I am not going to be a happy camper. Time to take some Buckley's and sleep this off. Wish me luck!


navywife24 said...

Awwww im sorry hun!!! :( Being sick is no bueno!! Take your meds and drink lots of water and get some rest!! You need to get all better before your man comes home!! good luck and ill pray for you!! :) Hope you will be feeling better soon!!

Justin said...


Yeah. That is a bummer. I think I only get sick maybe once a year, but these last 2 months, I have been sick more often thatn in the last 5 years. It sucks.

Anyways, feel better. See you in a couple days

Delainey said...

Thanks Navywife, you always leave the nicest comments <3

Justin, more like see you tonight for fugitive. Your not bailing are you??? If you are, I know where you live.