Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Week In Short

Yes, I know, long time no post. This week has been crazy and hectic. What have I done?
  • Get yelled at by a crazy foreigner at work then proceed to run to the bathroom and cry. Check.
  • Get beautiful, extra long extensions. Check. 
  • Have a not so happy conversation with TJ then proceed to cry. Check.
  • Brazilian wax (ouch). Check! 
  • Go to church to see my Dad get baptized (such a wonderful service and sermon today!) Check.
  • Try to find the parade deck to hang my wonderful banner, never find it, go home defeated,Google it when I get home and learn that I was 10 feet away from it. Check.
  • Realize I have no shoes for my dress. Check.
  • Finish all school work. Check.
  • Secure beach rental. Check.
  • Iron and pack clothes until the wee hours of the morning. Check.
In short that is what I have been doing.

And on another note. TJ comes home TOMORROW!!!! In 15 hours (hopefully) I will be able to see, hug and kiss my baby again!!. I shall blog about that tomorrow morning.

Much Love,


navywife24 said...

wow you have been a busy girl!! Good luck and congrats!! :)

Amanda said...

hahahah 10 feet. literally?