Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Perfect Dress?

I don't normally go shopping. In all honesty, I HATE spending money on myself. I am not exactly sure why, but I would much rather buy someone a gift, or a fun adventure with some friends. My mom has to constantly remind me to "Invest in myself" because it is something I never do. Anyhow, today was slightly different. I was excited to go shopping! Why you ask, well, get ready for it....


AHH, I have been so excited (and anxious/nervous). I have been on cloud 9 and yesterday I officially took off of work the days of his homecoming and 96. Needless to say, this homecoming I've been dreaming about for the past 7 months slowly becoming a reality. So today I was exciting to go shopping for the PURRRFECTTT homecoming outfit. Courtney and I went to the Spectrum, I found a few things (2 to be exact, 1 shirt and 1 belt), but NO DRESS!! Nothing!! I'm not sure what is up with the fashion these days, but holy moley, everything is an extremely short, strapless, printed or color blocked, disgusting mess!! Would it kill someone to put a cute dress with straps in their stores? Or maybe something that covers my crotch, which should be easy, I'm only 5'2. What is going on?? I am quite upset. I guess my search will continue for that perfect dress.


Amber said...

So, I'm pretty sure that your hubby would really like you in something that doesn't exactly cover your crotch...but you can save that for the bedroom!

Finding the perfect homecoming dress is so exciting...unless of course your can't find it! BLECK! I am only half way through my deployment...and I bought mine at Target for $25. I can either dress the dress up or down.

I'm so excited for you! Have fun shopping...and your mom IS right....do for yourself! I actually have the same problem myself! I always always always do for others, never myself!

navywife24 said...

yay!! Congrats!! thats so exciting that your man is coming home!! good luck with the homecoming outfit...i know what you mean about finding no cute dresses!! i went shopping before easter looking for a cute spring/summer dress and had zero luck!! :( but hopefully you find the perfect outfit...although im pretty sure he could care less about what your wearing and will be so ecstatic to see you!!♥

HellcatBetty said...

My hubby comes home in a week too!!! Wahoo! I ordered a beautiful homecoming dress from Amazon and it got here today, tried it on, and it's huuuuge. So now I'm gonna have to go hunting for a dress too. Why does it have to be so difficult?!? I look forward to reading your excited "he's hooome" post :)