Friday, April 2, 2010

Amazing (Amish) Grace

First of all, yes I am blogging on a Friday night. I am way to exhausted to go out. All I want to do is cuddle in my blankie, hangout with my family and possibly share my thoughts with the world. So that is what I am doing =].

Anyhow, Last night I was watching "Amish Grace"  on Lifetime (btw, in my opinion Lifetime makes the best movies EVER). This movie is AMAZING. Every scene made me cry, which, granted, doesn't take much, but I could imagine what this Amish community felt during the school house shooting of 2006. I am absolutely amazed how these people responded, not with hate, but with complete forgiveness of the shooter. Forgiveness is something deeply rooted in the Amish culture and faith. This swift and unconditional forgiveness is something that the modern world might find hard to understand. I sure do. But their view of forgiveness can be paralleled with the account of Joseph in the Old Testament. He was sold into slavery by Ishmaelites and instead of harboring angst in his heart, he accepted it as God's will. To the Amish (and to me as well), everything is God's will, it is what he wanted to happen, that is why we have to accept what happens to us in this lifetime.

I feel like God's purpose of the school shooting was to shed light to the world how the Amish forgive and learn from them. I believe this is why they live such a peaceful and fulfilled life. They leave everything to God, accept his will, and essentially, move on. I am amazed and in awe of these people. I want to live my life Christlike as they live theirs and if everyone did the same it would bring such peace to this world.

Much Love,


Amber said...

Darn...I am SO bummed! I had wanted to watch that movie, and totally forgot about it! I'm going to see if I can Netflix it. Cute blog! I'm now a follower:)

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Delainey said...

Aw Amber thanks for following my blog! Welcome to my little corner. It is such a great movie. It really made me think about how I live my life. Ill be heading over to your blog right now!

Much Love,