Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Michael Jackson's Biggest Fan

Guess what?! I am finally blogging from my own laptop! I start school next week so I was FORCED to get one. Don't get me wrong, I am super excited to have my own computer again (sharing the MAC wasn't too great and T's old laptop is so jacked up I refused to use it), I just super duper hate spending money. So now I can blog on a more regular basis (unless school takes over my life, which it just might).

This past week was pretty fabulous. My fabulous mother & sister in-law came into town along with T's best friend. T took a week of leave and we PARTIEDDDD (seriously, it was a really good time).

I want to talk about how fabulous my Mother in-law is...

Not because she made me this fabulous apron...
 Or bought me this fabulous cook book (seriously, every recipe I have tried has been so delish!) 
(are you sick of the word fabulous yet? haha)

But because of her indescribable obsession of Michael Jackson. She is his ultimate fan! She was able to get tickets to his last tour in London (which was sold out in hours). So that's amazing-ness #1.

Amazing-ness #2, when he died she drove all the way from Utah to California to be amidst all the Jackson fans. She also entered the lottery to be able to attend his memorial service. She didn't win the lottery BUT she met a woman who won the lottery but couldn't use her tickets, so she gave my mother in-law her tickets for free ( which is crazy in it's self because people were selling them for crazyyy amounts of money). She got into his memorial service!

Amazing-ness #3, this past week week when everyone was in town she wanted to go to LA and enter the lottery to get into Michael Jackson's death trial. And guess what, she got in! Her luck NEVER runs out!

I don't think I have ever met someone who has loved someone as much as my Mother in-law loves Michael Jackson. And someone with such good luck.

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Stacey said...

Wow that is crazy! She sure does have some luck :)