Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Am So Thankful!

Today my husband's old battalion deployed and I am soooo thankful my husband moved so he wouldn't have to go (some people have their own feelings about this so please, I don't want to hear it. T didn't want to deploy, someone else did, end of story). Today he would have been gone and I don't know how I could handle without him. Even though he annoys me when he plays computer games with his friends for hours, makes a mess in the kitchen or takes our name off the Navy Ball list without telling me (I am so mad about that! But were saving that for another day),  I am so thankful he can just be around. I am thankful I can be loved on by him, annoyed by him, share laughs with him and just be with him. Our house would be so silent and sad T. Moments like this are a reminder of how much I cherish moments with my husband.


Kelsey said...

the best way to find a replacement is to find people around whose hair you l.o.v.e. and ask them where the go. it might take a couple times but it's worth it. lovely blog!!! xoxo

Mrs G said...

Definitely worth being thankful for :) I'm glad for you that he didn't have to leave! :)