Monday, October 24, 2011

Love it, Hate it, Leave it

Let me tell you the story about this...thing...

(It normally doesn't look this poopy...It's just all salty from our last winter visit to Utah)

First off, let me tell you, I have a love hate relationship with my husbands truck. It is sooo comfortable, safe (my car is so light it get pushed around the road easily) and the best car to travel in (heated seats in Utah winters, I think soo) BUT this car gives us NOTHING but problems!

Let me give you some back story about this vehicle. My husband was 19 and it was his first week in California. Him and his friend decided to take the bus into town one weekend. Well, the bus took 3 hours for a drive that takes about 20 minutes by a personal vehicle. T's friend decided he NEVER wanted to do that again and they were off to the first dealership in town, 500 Motors (they were on the Navy "do not go" list, and since they were closed by the BBB). T's friend didn't find a car he wanted so on the spot my husband decided HE was going to buy a car. He found a little red car he thought was okay, and began to sign papers. 

Suddenly, a few papers in, my husband got cold feet (righfully so, he was about to buy a car on a whim!)and told the salesman he didn't want the car. This is when the salesman breaks the news...

"Sorry Man, you've already bought the car... If you want to get another car you can but you have to buy a car today because you've signed the papers."

What bullcrap! But my young silly husband believed him. He went back onto the lot and pointed at the truck and bought it right on the spot. Didn't sit inside, didn't take it for a test drive, didn't even look at the odometer. So he bought a ten year old F150, with 100,000+ miles on it, for $14,000 with 16% financing (thankfully we paid the truck off last year so we officially OWN it)

So we have this truck... and it is a fabulous car, when it was brand new it was top of the line but now it has become a money pit. It has a brand new transmission but that is about all that it has going for it. It seems like every month we have to fix something on it. I am not even going to get into the long laundry list of problems we've had with this thing. But currently the AC door, and the AC belt (it sounds TERRIBLE when the car is running) are broken and just last week it has decided not to start!

I am trying to convince T to sell the darn thing before it COMPLETELY dies on us.

Yesterday he said, 
"It's good to have 2 cars when 1 breaks down"
My response,
"Well, why don't we get rid of the car that is always breaking down?"

Delainey for the win! My car has NEVER, knock on wood, has any problems, everrrr and it too is paid off, so added plus there!

By selling the truck we can totally put the money in savings for our move to San Fran. PLUS, there is no way we need two cars up there anyway, especially a truck. And with me not working now, one car will suit us just fine. I am going to plant a new seed every day until I can convince T to sell his baby. Hopefully by Christmas the truck will be gone. Fingers crossed!


Gris said...

I don't know what is it, with guys and their first cars. My DF had a 97 Honda, and his car had the same problems just like your husband truck, and many more problems. It took me forever to convince my DF to sell his Honda, I bugged him since day one when we moved in together. Then one day before he left overseas, he said I'm selling that thing, he put the Sale sign on the car, and he sold it that same day, after that was done, he kept saying he should've listen to me.

I hope T gets rid of that Truck. Lol. I'm going to cross my finger, toes, and eyes. Lol.

Laura Darling said...

That's such a bummer! Car problems are the worst! I hope you can convince him!!