Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Hobby!

I got married two weeks ago and all of a sudden I am doing all these wifey things! It's like I totally snapped into this domestic role (which I am kind of on the fence about, I am not sure if I like it or not haha). So today we were at our favorite hangout, Walmart, and somehow we ended up in the craft aisle. I saw that there was a Brother sewing machine on sale T said that I should buy it (I had mentioned to T that I had been thinking about buying a used one). Before I had time to answer he threw it in the cart. I Told him no, and that I was not ready to buy a machine THEN all of a sudden this kid comes running up our aisle and BARFED everywhere! (Seriously, this is not made up).

The look on T's face was priceless, he didn't know what to do, so I walked over to the boy and asked if he was okay (stupid question, obviously he wasn't), so I asked for his mom's name and went to go find her. After not being able to find the mom, I had paged her over the PA then helped the boy to the bathroom (I promise there is a point to this story). When I came back from my good Samaritan duties T had already put the machine in the cart and all the accessories to go along with it. There was no turning back, so I accepted it.  And since our Walmart sucks and has no fabric section, we went to Joannes and picked some fabric and I decided to teach myself how to sew. Pillowcases seemed easy enough so that it what I did (I figured if they were hideous I could just throw them away, or rip them apart and start over).

Surprisingly it turned out pretty well. Picture time? I think so...
 Please ignore our ugly sheets,
they are the only ones that properly fit our bed

During the wedding I became a crafting fool and surprisingly I want to stick with it.I am excited to learn how make more stuff!!


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