Friday, July 29, 2011

A Mood...

I haven't been writing much because I have been in a "mood".For about half of the day I am genuinely happy. For the other half I have to try my hardest  to be happy and, without fail, there is a moment in everyday that I become extremely angry, uncomfortable, and sad. I am STRESSED OUT about so much. I feel like my life is going NOWHERE. To top it off I barely make any money anymore so one, I feel like this big useless burden on my husband and two, I feel SUPER POOR. To top it all off, now we have all this new crap to pay for. I am (most likely) starting Brandman University this fall as a full-time student at about 2k a trimester. My husband is starting classes, part time, at the Art Institute this fall (which is AWESOME and I am very excited for him) which is about 2k per class. We just got a $1200, yes that is not a typo, ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, phone bill for roaming charges in the Dominican (we paid for an overseas plan but NOBODY told us that our phones will use a BAGALLION kilobytes of data when it just sits there). I have been on the phone with Verizon for 3 consecutive days but everyone I speak to refuses to help.  We want to get the AC fixed on the truck before we go to the family Cornfest but that will cost a cool $700. It is funny how all these sudden charges show up when you have spent all your money on a Wedding.

Anyway, I am not sure if my sadness is all about money or I have some type of other emotional issue that makes our money woes bigger than they actually are (T thinks we will be perfectly fine). I just wish I could shake this feeling. It's terrible...

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Nicole said...

recent newly wed here too.
I feel ya on the money part. I feel like we're never going to catch up.

you and your hub are adorable and props to you for being a navy wife. I know having a husband that serves the community is hard :(

New to your blog!