Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Just Felt Like Writing...

I am really in the mood to blog today, about what though, I don't know. I'll probably ramble on about a few things and call it a day.

We have seriously outgrown our house already. There is not enough room to put ANYTHING. It's actually rather annoying because our house always looks like a hot mess, when really it is because there is no proper place for anything. This makes me really happy, though, that we decided to not rent the very small but super cheap place that we loved. We'd be swamped there. Anyway, we have decided that when T gets out of the military, and we leave this apartment that I love so much, that we are BUYING A HOUSE, with much more room of course. And when we say buying a house, we mean try to buy a house. We don't know exactly how it will go but we are going to try, at least that is the plan for now (T changes his mind like every week).  We want to move up by my parents house, ie. the nice part of town but there is not much we can afford up there so this will be an adventure!  I am really looking forward to it!

Now of to something else that is completely different, our amazing friends KC and his twin Danny surprised us with our wedding present yesterday. They made us a hope chest from scratch. It is so beautiful! And I cannot wait to fill it with treasures, like baby blankets (yes, baby blankets. I have been having baby fever lately, I need to snap out of it!).

This picture does it no justice! It is absolutely beautiful!

Okay, if you are not bored yet, one last update. I have been a sewing fool lately. I am almost done with my second project, an apron, which was MUCH harder than it looked. But so far it is turning out pretty decent. I am almost done attaching the flounce onto the bottom of the apron, then I have to sew on the ties. I think my next project will be sewing a duvet cover for our new down comforter.

 Okay for some reason my house looks super creepy in this photo, its just because it's dark in here right now and T doesn't believe in opening blinds.

P.S I should be getting wedding photos today! I am so excited to show you all!


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