Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Las Vegas and T's Birthday Surprise

I am so exhausted from traveling. I can't wait for this weekend where I get to sit, relax, and lounge in my underwear all day. Vegas was fun, definitely not as fun as it could be, but Sherrie (T's mom), Troy (T's dad) and I have discovered a new love. PAWN SHOPS!

Now before you think they are totally trashy, I agree, they are, but there is some good stuff to be found at great prices. We looked for diamonds, and had no real luck, but Sherrie found the ring of her dreams. It was pretty beautiful, almost 4 carats total weight for a good 70% off retail. Sadly, she had to walk away from the ring of her dreams. Since I didn't find the diamond I was looking for T is just going to get everything through Robbins Brothers. I am super exciteddd!

 (I love this picture. Who new such a beautiful fountain could be in a hotel lobby?)

While we were there we also did some hotel hopping, we saw Penn & Teller (they are so funny, the whole time the tell you magic is not real and then they do magic that blows your mind!) and Sherrie and Troy  went to see Cher's last Vegas Performance. Apparently she is as sexy and amazing as she was 40 years ago.

Since the weekend didn't go the way T really would have liked (his Uncle and Cousin left last minute, without telling any one in advance, and spent half Saturday, the only whole day we had to spend with each other, at the Temple. That was quite upsetting to T.) we are going back to "Do Vegas Right" during his Thanksgiving 96. I can't wait to see that is in store for this round in Sin City. (Even though we really do no sinning while we're there.)

(I love this photo of T and his dad. Such a loving moment.)

On another note, T just got his birthday present from me last night. Care to see what it is?

That's right. A 55 inch, Samsung, LED,  flat screen TV. I like to think of myself as the best girlfriend ever. (Humble huh?) He calls the TV our baby and I must say, I love this thing like a child, just as he does. I was planning ways to surprise him with it and every plan I had fell through. Finally I just had to take him to Best Buy myself (which I was slightly sad about) but he was super excited regardless. I love this man so much, (even though he can be a poopy head sometimes) he totally deserves it.


Just a Girl said...

He looks so excited about that TV, lol.

Nicole *Sailor's Sweetheart* said...

That is a legit present that I think most guys would love to have, nice job girl! Glad you had fun in Vegas! P.S. the photo of T and his dad is beyond adorable! :)