Saturday, September 18, 2010

Road Rage

So on my way home tonight I almost died (or got seriously injured, but judging by the weight and make of my car and the others I probably would have died). As I was on the freeway, merging into the left lane (signal on and everything) this jerk in a minivan comes speeding up into my lane on path to careen into me. As I jerk my car to the right I almost sideswipe the innocent driver in the neighboring lane. I lay on my horn, the other driver I almost hit, laid on their horn and the minivan sped off like the freaking idiot that he (or she) was. Seriously people, slow down and pay attention. You don't want to be ending someone's life before they even get the chance to begin it (myself included).


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's totally scary!! I'm so glad that you are okay and that you were paying attention!

Anonymous said...

One thing I hate about my car is that the horn doesn't work anymore. Glad to no one got hurt, that could have ended very badly.