Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blood Drive!

Earlier today I gave blood at the Red Cross Blood Drive
at Saddleback College. While there I was truly inspired. I gave a pint of my blood which will in turn save 3 people.. I also registered in the Bone Marrow Registry in hopes that I can further help someone in need. Doing something so selfless led me to really realize how important it is to donate, blood, bone marrow and organs. With your willingness to do something so selfless someone can cherish one more year with their dying daughter or a whole lifetime with their once ailing father. Please, come donate blood today and tomorrow.

Somebody’s child, mother, father, or loved one will be forever grateful. The Blood Drive
will be at Saddleback College in SSC 212 from 8am-8pm TODAY and TOMORROW. You can save a life. You can make a difference.

P.S For all you ladies and gents who do not live in the area find your local Red Cross and please donate. I never realised how much you can change someones life by giving 40 minutes of your time.

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Anonymous said...

One of these days I'll get the courage to give blood. I just hate that they have to dig around in my arms to find a vein. Not too pleasant if you ask me. Oh well.
If you are interested, I tagged you in a questions post on my blog. Is up to you :)