Monday, September 27, 2010

Heat Wave, Dental Horrors and a New Car! (Hopefully)

First of all thank you all my wonderful friends for wishing me a happy birthday! It really does mean a lot. Your comments made my birthWEEK amazing. (See that Erin, I totally adopted your word!)

Secondly, we are in the most ridiculous heat wave ever! Yesterday it was 109 and today it was 106. I envy all you ladies posting on your blogs how wonderful Fall is. Well, Fall has decided to hide from us poor Californians and Summer still reigns supreme. My poor friend who lives in downtown LA was dying today because it was 113. THIS IS CRAZY! It is literally Hell on Earth. I feel even worse for T. He heads for 29 Palms (the hellish Marine Corps base in the middle of the desert that no body likes) and if I live by the beach and it is 106 I can't even imagine how hot it is going to be in the desert.

So this week my goal will be to not die of heat stroke and pray T (and every one else out there) doesn't die either.

Today, unfortunately, I was unable to sit at my cool air conditioned desk all day. I had to brave the heat to go to the Dentist on my lunch break. During my routine cleaning they discovered a few cavities (NOOOOO!!) and my Dentist also told me I need braces. BRACES! How old am I?? But my wonderful dentist told me if I did get the braces she would give me ZOOM teeth whitening sessions for free. So that is something to think about. I have a consultation in 3 weeks, so I guess I'll seriously think about what the specialist had to say. She also informed me that I need to get my wisdom teeth removed. They are still inside the bone but they are pushing all my other teeth closer and closer together. I will be getting my mouth sawed into in two weeks. I am actually really scared. Pray for me.

AND! While driving around in my little red wagon (well it's a Ford Focus Sedan, but little red wagon sounds much cooler.) I decided. I really want a new car and I say want because I really don't need it. My plan was to drive the focus until it fell apart. Well it still has plenty of years on it but it is not very practical anymore. It made an awesome first car (thanks Mom and Dad!) but now I think it is time for something that fits more of me. Something that's a tad more updated than my window crank, manual lock Focus.

So I am saving up for this beauty:
The new Ford Explorer. I showed it to T and he said "Now that is a respectable car", and I totally agree. Us being the Ford Family that we are, we think it is absolutely perfect. It seats 7 AND gets 25 mph. Need I say more? It'll be the perfect car to grow into. Especially when we decide to add little additions to our family. Not to mention, it will also make driving to Las Vegas, St. George and Salt Lake much more comfortable. (We have been doing that a lot lately and traveling long distances in my car isn't the most comfortable, but my car gets way better MPH than T's so it is always the car we take).

So being the control freak I am, I crunched some numbers. After the trade in or sale value of my car and about 5 months of saving I will be able to have a sizable down payment AND still have a nice amount in the savings account (which is EXTREMELY important to me).

We will see what happens! I am really hoping to purchase my lovely Explorer soon. One of the many things I am looking forward to!

Have an amazing week all you wonderful Ladies (and Gents).


*~BrittDill~* said...

Love the car, actually me and the Mr are looking into getting one! What's funny, is I drive a Ford Focus, but mine is a hatchback. I love it and as you plan to run it until it falls apart, but I love SUVs. My Mr only wants to buy Ford, and we love love love the Explorer! Hope ya get it soon!

Anonymous said...

Oy, I feel for you about the teeth. Just remember, once its over, you NEVER HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN. Thats what I've been telling myself all weekend. Just be sure to set aside a good 4-6 days where you don't have to do much of anything. The first three days are the worst. I hope it goes well for you, I'm sorry you're scared :( I know that how that feels. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

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