Monday, August 9, 2010

Why I Hate California

There are a plethora of things I can include in this post about my disdain for California. I could write about how marijuana lovers and their quest to legalize the DRUG has taken over every street corner and classroom debate, It drives me CRAZY! "Marijuana is safer that any other substance, even alcohol!"  Okay you low life pot-head, tell me that when you have Schizophrenia 10 years.

Or I can write about how it is IMPOSSIBLE to get into a university in California. I can't get a bachelors degree in Community College, San Diego State, how about you start accepting more than 10% of applicants?

Or I can witch about how much ANYTHING and EVERYTHING costs. $400 dollars to register my car? You jerks.

I COULD talk about all that stuff and more but this post is about something I hate more. TRAFFIC.

Tonight, a Sunday night, at 9pm I was stuck in traffic! I totally understand being stuck in traffic during the morning commute or even on the way to the beach on a nice day, but on a Sunday? Really?! As I am leaving Camp Pendleton, after I spent a wonderful day with T and a few friends, I get stuck in gridlock on the 5. And I literally mean gridlock. I was going about 2 miles per hour for half of my trip. The other half I was going, wait for it, 30 miles per hour. A 45 minute drive took me an OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF!  Just like the very day before the same drive took me TWO HOURS! TWO HOURS ON A SATURDAY?! Where the heck are all these people going?

I would understand if there was maybe an accident or lanes were blocked BUT NOOO this traffic was just due to too many people driving at once. (I have never understood traffic. How can traffic occur if there is no accident or some type of obstruction in the road?) The best thing about my entrapment in the trafficy hell hole I like to call the 5, is that there are no exits the whole drive. If you have ever driven to Camp Pendleton, you know. If you haven't let me paint you a picture. My drive to Camp Pendleton is about 30 miles. 20 of those miles are "nothingness". Just the glorious ocean to one side, and miles and miles of uninhabited Camp Pendleton on the other. So while I was stuck in traffic, I would have LOVED to take side streets home, but I couldn't. I was trapped!

WHY CALIFORNIA!? Please, do something to tame the traffic. I may just buy a motorcycle. There is nobody I envy more than those bikers zipping though the middle of the gridlock. If that was me I'd be laughing manically at the poor people stuck in the car while I'd be whipping up the middle of the lanes.

I had to get this off my chest. Traffic can make people go koo-koo, myself included. On a lighter note. I have been noticing I have been pretty whiny lately. In my real life and on my bloggy blog. So after writing this rant I have decided I am going to be more positive about everything. Power of positive thinking. It will be good stuff!


Just a Girl said...

Ugh, I totally know how you feel. The traffic is probably my least favorite part about visiting my family in CA. I hope today is better for you =)

KelseyC said...

Haha. I can see you just buzzing through traffic laughing like a crazy person! But no worries. I am right there with you. Traffic makes me feel like I'm going insane!!

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

Haha! So true! I thought I had escaped the horrible traffic since I'm here in Va but its just as bad, if not worse! Going through those damn tunnels is a nightmare and a 20 minute drive can end up being over an hour! Sheesh! Sorry you had to deal with that, and as a native Californian I totally understand...many times I have been stuck in gridlock and been cursing that damn state! lol

Delainey said...

I am glad all you ladies feel the same way I do towards traffic. It makes me feel less crazy! haha

Ewa said...

I hate traffic jams, the worst part is if you stuck on the motorway:(

The Wifey said...

I HATE the traffic here...and the cost of everything. A drive that should take me 15 mins from my friends house to mine can sometimes take up to 45 minutes. And the further north towards Camp Pendleton you go the worse traffic seems to get. I truly do not like the San Diego traffic here. I cringe when I have to go out. LOL

I will say one thing about the motorcycle thing. I have ridden on a motorcycle in traffic and it was scary. People purposefully tried to cut us off or move over to block us.