Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend Renovation Madness! Pt 1

This weekend T, my Dad and I did a little DIY Demolition Extravaganza at my parents house. They have these two horrible, space wasting, built-in entertainment centers. We tackled this monstrosity first.

As you can see, it is terribly out of place (in the dining room) and mainly used as storage (note the tons of mail/movie junk in the left corner and the prehistoric TV that we don't even use).

So we started doing this:
And by we I mean T and my Dad. I snapped pictures and hung out with this little guy:

 Please excuse my unmade face *shutter* scaryyy. But I know with this cute little guy  on my arm your probably not looking at me. Notice his look...100% Blue Steel. I foresee him being a ladies man in the future!

What's better than watching your Boyfriend and your Dad bond over manly activities. I love it!

I also love how handy T is. Look at him. He can do woodwork, electrical work and he is pretty easy on the eyes too. He is definitely a keeper. 

After we removed the center we found some water damage. So painting and flooring shall be done another day, once the water problem is tackled. The room (even with the lack of flooring, watery wall and the wacked out paint job) looks so much better!

So what did we do with the remains of the dreaded entertainment center?
Oh the things you can do with an axe and a truck!

I was worried at first. Part of me thought we were going to be putting HUGE holes beyond repair in my parents house but everything went better than planned. And now we have tons of firewood for some bonfire madness! Part 2 will be fixing up the wall, the paint and the floor. Then Part 3 will be taking out entertainment center #2. 

Happy Monday Bloggy Friends! I hope you all have an amazing week!


Popcorn Served Daily said...


Thanks for stopping by my "Popcorn". I'm your newest follower.

Happy Tuesday!


Sailor's Sweetheart said...

Omg your nephew is beyond adorable! That face and that smile, he's gonna be a heart breaker! :) And so great to see your boyfriend help out and see your bf and dad bonding in the process!

(and p.s. love how "subtle" he was by asking your ring size! Mine did the same thing! O our boys, but ya gotta love them!)

Hardwood laminate floors said...

I'm excited to see you finish your renovation. I hope the water damage will be fixed in no time.

Ken Leal said...

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Goodnight moon said...

That is awesome! I would've stuck around snapping pics with that lil' guy too! He is too cute for words!

Thanks for my lovely comment! I can't wait to see who is gonna win!