Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's Goin' On!

Well, the last time I actually wrote a blog about the happenings of my life I told you we were going to the Grand Canyon, so let's start there shall we?

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend (whatever weekend it was, it was so long ago now I don't even remember!) and see one of the wonders of the world (I don't know if the GC really is a wonder of the world, i'm just sayin...). The first day we got there it was glorioussss! And so beautiful,

Then the next day looked like this...
We could not walk the trails or anything so we stayed in bed and pigged out.
 All in all, it was a fun mini vacay.

At the end of March my family, T and I went up to San Francisco to check out our new home. 
We really ended up just looking at T's school and getting crazy all day and night.
But really...
We partied
And by partied I mean acted like tourists and did all the fun touristy things San Fran has to offer 
Like Trollies!

And Alcatraz!

And the Redwoods!

(please take a look at my nephew creepin' in the corner...)

It was pretty much awesome. It has got me super excited to move there once T gets out of the military.
Which is now only 2 months away!

Which brings me to my next life happening. 

I have begun to pack up our house. 
I packed up the first boxes Monday because at the end of this month we are out of this place.
Packing got me wayyyy to emotional. This was our first house together. So many memories here. 
Plus I became an even bigger blubbery baby when I found the box of all the letter T and I wrote back and forth when he was in Afghanistan. 

I have told myself to start packing slowly because at the end of the month I don't want to be a frantic fool, running around my house throwing crap in boxes.
But let's be serious...
That is exactly what will happen. 

What else?!

 I chopped my hair off!
Please excuse this terrifying photo of myself. It was the only one I had and I did not feel like taking one right now.
I go back and forth between liking it and hating it. Today I hate it, tomorrow I will probably like it again. Our relationship is pretty tumultuous.

And lastly, I have officially lost 14 pounds! Go me!
I have no picture of this because I have not reached my ultimate goal yet. 
I started at 135
I am currently 121
And my goal is 110

Once I am at my skinny skinny weight I'll let you feast on the goods. 

Holy cow I miss blogging
Why have I waited this long to partake of the greatness?


Meg {henninglove} said...

your hair cut looks great!! congrats on the 14lbs, keep it up girl!

Amy Young said...

Good luck with the move, kno it's hard leaving ur first place together... But change can be good and fun!