Friday, May 11, 2012

MilSpouse Appreciation Blog Hop!

Welp, I decided to do this blog hop because 1. I loveeee me a good blog hop
and 2. Because I need to get back into the bloggy swing of things. 

Is hosting this hop because of MilSpouse appreciation day, a day which I never knew existed 
but right on I think we totally deserve it!

So let me tell you a tad about myself, and I say a tad because I am quite narcissistic and can go on FOREVER, so I'll edit myself.

My name is Delainey, I am a ripe 21 years old and a year and a half ago
I married a very handsome Sailor
  I am officially a Navy Wife for the next 2 months
That's right
My lovely husband, 
This goofishly tall guy...
who is a corpsman, is getting out in T minus 42 days 
(something like that I am sure my math is terribly wrong)
So what are we going to do in 42 days?

Well, in 20 days we are moving in with my parents
(shutter, no, but in all honesty, I am going to have a blasty blast living with my mom,
 dad and nephew again!)
Thennnnn, in August we are moving to SAN FRANCISCO!

Oh yes my friends, we are doing the city thing.
We will probably we slumming it
But hey! It's all for the adventure!

My husband will be going to film school and I will be finishing up my Bachelors Degree/ Teaching Credential and I will be the bread winner.
(and by bread winner I mean penny winner, because let's be serious, 
I'll probably work some terrible job for a while)

I love
and my fabulous husband

I hate
putting gas in the car
hanging up my towel after using it
and  folding laundry

Alright ladies, so who is going to join the hop with me? 
And if you are coming from the hop thanks so much for getting to know me!


Andrea said...

I just hopped on over from your comment on my blog. :) It's nice to meet you! Sounds like you've got lots of exciting changes coming your way! I'm excited to follow along with you and read about all of it.

chambanachik said...

New follower, stopping by from the blog hop. :)

Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day!!

Abby said...

Great blog :) Brea designed my blog too, and I could see her style in yours!

Brea said...

Hi Delainey!

It is so nice to see you posting again.. I have really missed your posts!

How exciting to be starting a new chapter in your lives! That is so awesome and I hope that you guys enjoy every single minute of your lives together!

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Lyon Party of 4 said...

Hello Delainey!! I loved reading your post! My hubs is deploying soon so I decided to move from Fort Lewis back to IL to move in with my parents, so I know what you are going through! Happy Blogging and Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!!

Mrs.B said...

Happy MSA Day!

How fun is that going to be living in San Fran!? I'm excited to start following your adventure!

I hate folding laundry and unloading the dishwasher.. just thinking about doing those things makes me irritated.

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh! So exciting... and scary!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm stopping in from the blog hop. I laughed at 'penny winner'. I'd like to use bread winner for what I'll be when my husband gets out to go to school and I'm the only one working, but penny winner may end up accurate for me as well. That's at least a few years away though. Hope you have good luck with the job and bring in more than you expect.

Heather said...

Hope you had a lovely MilSpouse Day! It's nice to meet you :)

Jessica said...

San Francisco sounds exciting! Adventure always is. :)

Nice to meet you through the Military Spouse Appreciation blog hop! I'm now following you. I hope you can visit my blog when you get a chance:

Please stop by to check out my Weekend Blog Walk. I also co-host a Mom's Monday Mingle and Favorite Product Friday.

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Thank you so much for joining in on the blog hop! And sorry it took me so long to come and visit. It was great reading your party post and getting to know you a little more. :) Hope you had fun visiting the other ladies on the list and that you had a fabulous Mil Spouse Appreciation Day!!!

Roller Coaster

Mack said...
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Mack said...

Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop. It was nice to meet you! Happy belated military spouse appreciation day!! Amanda