Monday, December 13, 2010

My Weekends are NEVER this Productive!

Thank you for all your wonderful input, it put an end to my flower debacle. We will be using silk across the board. I am very excited to do some creative things on a budget and with more time.

This weekend was SUPER productive. We watched the Lebron game, ate some of this heart attack in a box (but it is oh soooo good!)

Then we did a lot of this
(1,000 piece puzzle... this is the second one we did this weekend... Nerds I know!)

 On Saturday we looked at APARTMENTS!! Most of which were in the ghetto. Seriously, before you think I am being high maintenance these places had "security" bars on the front doors. The only places you see bars on any type of  structural opening are the places with high crime. With T scheduled for a few week/month long trainings and a deployment in the imminent future we'd both feel more comfortable in a safer area. Doesn't matter how much it costs.

Which brings me to more exciting news! We found the one! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and in a nice area of Oceanside. Close to base for T, close the highway for me (good for my 45 minute commute to work, ew, but it is well worth it) ANDDDD I will be only 5 minutes away from my wonderful (and most favorite) coworker! PLUS we will have a washer, dryer and AC... apparently these are luxuries in Oceanside.

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We are both extremely excited. We're just waiting for all T's BAH stuff to go though then we will be signing a lease!

Lastly, Sunday we took a second tour of a venue (well my second tour, T's first) and we are in the process of BOOKING IT!! AHHH! Since we have that all in line I have had the chance to look for photographers and I have found some amazing ones that I will be meeting with this week.

What a wonderful weekend! I didn't study any, and I totally should have but if I did I would not have been able to get all this amazing stuff done!


Brea said...

Yay for productive weekends!

Those apartments are beautiful! I'm definitely with you on being in a safe place no matter what the cost. Jay and I downsized from three to two bedrooms about two months before he deployed just so the boys and I would be in a safe neighborhood.

Congrats on finding a venue! :)

*~BrittDill~* said...

Those apartments look beautiful! I know all about wanting to be in a safe area, that is why we spent a little extra to get the place we have! Thats so exciting that you are booking your venue! I am so happy for you two! :)