Sunday, December 5, 2010


My Week (well the end of my week) In Short:
  • Go to work
  • Go to class
  • Set up Inception Movie Night/Stay and watch the amazingness/ Clean up
  • Go to work 
  • Eat dinner at home and feel a tad sick
  • Go to Stats class/ Learn I don't have to take the final/ Feel even more sick/ Run out of class to the bathroom/ Hover over the toilet for a second/ Run to the car
  • Speed home/ Find a bag just in case I barf in the car/ Do various breathing exercises to deter my vomit.
  • Get home/ Drop my purse/ Run to the bathroom and barf my brains out (Graphic I know)
  • Barf every 30 minutes for the next 8 hours.
  • Cry hysterically
  • Call in sick
  • Sleep in
  • Eat 2 spoons of soup
  • Sleep some more
  • Muster enough energy to keep my appointment with a possible Venue
  • Like the Venue
  • Go to T's Apartment/ He makes me soup and grilled cheese/ We both lay in our lazy tiredness
  • Go to a Leadership Conference as an Advisor
  • Drive a scarily large van which I surprisingly did not wreck
  • 7 hours of conference/ Starve
  • Go to hotel/ T brings my achy belly soup/ Talk/ TV/ Sleep
  • Wake up early
  • T feels sick/ I spread my barfiness to him
  • Eat some oatmeal
  • Go back to the conference
  • Encounter some student disciplinary issues
  • Leave early/ Disappointed/ Upset
There were some high points but more low point but overall a pretty craptastic week.

The End.


Justin said...

"Encounter some student disciplinary issues"
Nice way to put it.

Overall, I think the conference went quite well, and I thank you for going and being an adviser. You were awesome (especially the part about not crashing and killing us all) =]

Anonymous said...

A post with a story that will definitely keep you entertained and enlightened. Check it out. Thanks

Jordan Streetman (Southern Hospitality) said...

Craptastic weeks are the NOT! Hope that this week is going better for you!