Monday, October 5, 2009

Our First Deployment

So, I am completely slacking. It has been 2 months since my last post. Although I'm almost certain no one is actually reading this. As of right now life is pretty much sucking. Sorry for the lack of eloquence but in all honesty that is the best way to describe it. T.J deployed on Friday and since then I have been a huge wreck. As much as I want to be viewed as a strong girl, I need a support system and my main support is now overseas. I cried 3 times before I made it to class, twice in the morning and once in the car. I hold his tags and say a prayer for him every morning. God are you listening? Please keep him safe over there. Why is this so hard? It is only day 3 and I am a wreck. Hopefully this will ease up and I will stop worrying. I will be sending my first letters and package very soon. I am pretty worried that it will not make it there, I guess we are going to have try to find out, yeah? Last I heard he was at some Air Force Base at some country outside of Russia living the high life. Food 24 hours a day mixed in with workout sessions and video games. Sounds great to me. The tough stuff is coming soon though and I know he is in the prayers of friends and family. I even went as far as to put his name on the Prayer Roll at the Newport Beach Temple (Summer kindly showed me how and programmed the number in my phone). So, hopefully all the prayer and good energy equates to the love of my life coming home in one piece. 7 months and counting down!

You'll be hearing more from me, promise.

Much Love,


HellcatBetty said...

So glad you found my blog and that you enjoy it! I hope reading some of my rants helps a little bit when you're feeling sad and missing your man. I promise it does get better, but you'll have your moments even 9 months in. It takes a special kind of gal to love a military man, and I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

Delainey said...

I am glad I found it too! I think going on rants and being able to read others rants is a great coping mechanism. Thanks for your wise thoughts!