Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday! & How Pinteresting Wednesdays

So if you follow me on Facebook (and you should!) you would know that Sunday the 4th was this handsome man's 22nd birthday...

I am a little late (it's been hard to blog with work, classwork and one working laptop) but I am going to blog about it anyway. This weekend was pretty interesting. T's friend C. came to stay with us (because he's been stuck in the barracks for weeks recovering from shoulder surgery). Sunday during the day we went to Boomers with C. and another friend.  I must say,  being with those two guys and my husband was WEIRD. They both have whores for wives (or so I hear) so they were women hating pretty much the whole time. 1 is getting divorced but the other is just cheating on his wife that's cheating on him (seriously just get a divorce) anyway, that was pretty unenjoyable. Then Sunday night we had a party with a whole bunch of his friends. That was a good time, there was cake, pizza, drinks, music, dancing, hot tubing, searching for our drunk friend that wandered off. Overall it was a good time, even though our house as trashed the next morning.

Overall I know my hubby didn't have the best birthday weekend (his best friend was out of town and I couldn't buy him a present because we are so FREAKING poor right now) but it was something!

Now onto this!...

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Here are a few things I am in love with this week!

I wish I ate this tonight for dinner...

I plan on redoing our "Family Wall" like this, so pretty!

I want to have a baby before T gets out
of the military just so we can do this!

"Some people are gay. Get over it"
Well said!

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