Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where's My V-Blog?

I didn't do a video blog on my fabulous 4 day weekend because of a few reasons.

1. On Thursday we found out that T would have this Friday off with me! So we partied all day. Well, we slept in and laid in bed until 3p. But to me that's a party!

2. I spent time unpacking and all that shanannns, and BOY do I have a lot of stuff.

3. All Star Weekend! We spent time at the neighbors for most of All Star Weekend. This is also where I developed my crush on Blake Griffin. If you don't know him, Google him. He's a cutie!

4. Sunday night I had an allergic reaction to SOMETHING and my face became all swollen and GROSS. I looked like a freak and I didn't want to expose my lovely followers to something so HIDEOUS.

5. T got Monday off TOO!! They were supposed to go on a field op but something happened where they all got to go home for the day! So we spent the day running errands and looking for furniture.

A V-Blog WILL come soon. It is on my To-Do list!! (along with Scholarship Apps & Invitation making)

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