Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Being on blog hiatus is so sad! I haven't even been able to read blogs because on my phone I cant scroll down while on blogspot (something that REALLY annoys me) I promise to catch up with my commenting =].

So I am super excited for the end of this week because I have Friday AND Monday off! WHATTTTT??! I know! Partyyyy! Well kind of. Friday I am going to finally unpack all my stuff and get our house looking like a home (hanging pictures, getting potted flowers, buying a couch [?]) I am also thinking about doing my very first video blog! I am really eager to show off our place, I am not so eager for you to hear my annoying voice (seriously, you have been forwarned). I also need to make our house look somewhat presentable because Saturday I am having my bridesmaids over for Facials! (I won a free facial day at a bridal show! I guess sometimes you are not just spammed and acutally win stuff!)

(Fun Fact: T is singing in the kitchen right now, it's super cute)

AND, I have my wedding shoes!! My wonderful sissy is letting me borrow them, so they are my shoes AND my something borrowed.

I am pretty sure Steve Madden did the impossible and was able to design pure sex into a shoe. (P.S this picture doesn't EVEN do the sparkly justice!)

And if you haven't seen the word sex enough in this post, here it is one more time:

Anyway, I am about to dip my hands in some paraffin wax to make them nice and soft. Check ya later!


Just a Girl said...

LOVE the shoes!

Jeanna said...

AHHHHHHHH! SOOOO saw those shoes in TJ max and just about DIED! But didn't buy them because I don't have a dress yet, and I want to be sure they match! They are the PERFECT bride's shoe! :)