Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Feeling the Love!

First things first, I have a new button! The wonderful Mrs. Gambizzle at Life as a Sailor's Girl made it for me. In fact, shes making them for everyone! So if you would like a new button, head over to her, shes amazing.

Here they are!:

Now I just have to figure out how to put it up on my page, and grab everyone elses buttons too!

Secondly, I changed my blog title. I think it gives a good incite on what my blog is about. Seeing that most of it is about my life, I find it is very fitting!

And third, I received TWO awards!! Thanks to my girl Marissa at IT'S A SEMPER FI KINDA LOVE.

And thanks to my other lovely girl Brittney at A Day In The Life Of A Navy Wife.

So since they both have the same rules I shall kill two birds with one stone. I have to tell 10 things about myself then pass them on, so here it goes!

1. I am a nonstop snacker. I LOVE food and have to be eating at all times. I foresee this being a bad habit in the future.

2. TJ's homecoming is one of my fondest memories. Nothing was better than falling in love all over again (and getting used to each other all over again) when he returned. There was something very special about those moments.

3. I hate spending money on my self, and rarely ever do. When I do spend money on myself it is on necessities, and activities (like Disneyland!), but never on clothes, shoes, electronics etc. I foresee that being a good habit in the future.

4. I am an Aunt to a one year old beautiful bugger! His name is Kaleb and he is perfect. I am not biased or anything, it is a solidified fact.

5. I have an obsession with bellybuttons and I love the fact that TJ's green skivvies leave lint in his bellybutton so I can pick it out. Weird? Yeah. He hates it but lets me do it, because that is true love.

6. Morning is my most hated part of the day. If I could, I would never see another day before 11am ever again. But sadly, to be a functioning member of society, I must wake up early.

7. My mom makes the BEST potato salad. If I ever found a potato salad contest I will enter her in it and she would own the whole thing. Her potato salad is that good! (I am eating it right now on my lunch break!)

8. I am mortified to turn 20. Although adulthood doesn't scare me, being labeled as an adult does.

9. My goal for this Fall is to complete at least 5 books. I want to get back into reading even though it is not my favorite thing to do.

10. Lately, I have been having baby fever. I cannot wait to have children, lots of children! I made a comment at Disneyland about getting into line before the stroller brigade and TJ said, well one day we will be the stroller brigade. That put a smile on my face.

I shall pass it onto:

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Much Love!


♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

I love your new button! Its adorable and I'm also diggin' your new signature. :) Once you get the code put it up here so I can grab your button and add it to my button marquee! :)

Delainey said...

Thanks Brittney! I finally got around to following your signature tutorial. Next step, is the button then I'm taking yours too!

♥Miss Brittney♥ said...

No problem! i also left you an award on my blog, so stop by and check it out! :) i am grabbing your button right now! yay for cute buttons! :)

Mrs. Gambizzle said...

It looks good thanks, now you should totally enter my giveaway for a chance to win a custom header or blog makeover!

Brittany Sommer said...

Hey girl! Loved this post! I have Betty on my list and didn't even know she was doing buttons! Heading there now!