Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Although it feels good to be home I was very sad to leave.

A real post is coming soon. I am far too tired to do write right now. But I promise one tomorrow about our wonderful  (Wonderful? Yes! By the end I was having so much fun I didn't want to go.) Utah trip, and our road trip back home.

P.S on a semi-related note TJ and his cousin Matt presented me with a bet (more like an agreement, I just can't find a fitting word). They wanted me to stop drinking coffee and tea and  in turn the both of them would stop drinking soda. (Seriously, you should see how fast they go through Mountain Dew.) So, I decided to bump it up. If I don't drink coffee or tea (which I live off of), they are not allowed to 1. drink soda and 2. play video games when I am around and they agreed!

How smart I?! No more video game nonsense on my watch!

Anyhow. I am happy/sad to be home. Definitely sad to be going to work tomorrow morning but money must be made.

Much Love,

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