Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleepless in..... Ladera Ranch

So here I am completely unable to fall asleep at 2:32am. I should definitely go to bed right now so I can make it to church in the morning but it sure is looking like that is not going to happen. Instead, I will incoherently ramble on about my girls night which turned into a girls have girl talk in the kitchen while making waffles for the guys night. Anyhow, there are only a few people I still talk to from high school two of which are Karla and Rocio.**OK, now its time for a high school throwback photo:

Karla, Rocio and I

They are such great friends and we nearly do not hang out as much as we should. So we decided to finish up our girl talk that we started 2 weeks before. Well that plan turned into all of us playing Sorry with Karla's beau Huy and their roommate Eli. What a fun night it turned out to be. After the games were over Kar, Roc and I proceed to continue our girl talk while we made some midnight waffles for everyone. Tonight made me really cherish the moments we have with our good friends and how much laughter can cure a bad day and help cope with the sadness that we sometimes face. Overall, tonight was incredibly fun a much needed break from life and all its tribulations. Life is truly nothing without friendship and love.


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