Thursday, August 6, 2009

Am I really starting a Blog?

Is this really happening? Am I really starting a blog?

This all came about, oddly enough, from school. In order for our Student Government (Saddleback College) to become more transparent we have all decided to advertise our vision, goals and overall thoughts on a blog, for all to see. I decided, while trying to post the other blog, maybe it would be beneficial, fun and even therapeutic to write down my own thoughts, and maybe let others read them too. I have never been much of a journal person. Through the years I have started many and once gotten as far as 2 consecutive months into journaling, but quite honestly it wasn't my thing. But now my computer is always attached to my hip so midis well take advantage of this wonderful Internet right? Currently I am in a great place in my life. I am in my second year of college, where I serve as the President of Student Government, I have a wonderful and loving boyfriend, who is currently in the Navy, a steady job (which is a blessing these days) and a solid life plan that will hopefully be fufilled. Life is great now though I know there will be some instances where my optimism will not prevail. Some things will be tough but having an outlet for my thoughts will really help. Well, I am ready.

This is really happening. I am really starting a blog.


c3llochick said...

why don't you have a follow option!? i have one too tht no one knows about lol

Nate and Jacque Holt said...

I'm excited that you started a blog, it's fun to have the option to keep it like a journal. Hope school goes well for you this semester!

Delainey said...

Thanks Nate and Jacque!

Delainey said...

KAT! I didn't know that was you! You can fallow my blog lovie, the button should be at the top.