Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ever since I have started school I have lost my want to blog. 1, all I do is schoolwork. My life has become the most boring, and loser-ish life imaginable. The only time I leave the house it to take T to and from work (yup, the truck is still broken down) or to go to the grocery store. I literally get zero human interaction so I have nothing interesting to blog about. 2, in the rare occasion I think of something to blog, after I am done with schoolwork I do not even want to look at a computer. I spend so much of the day reading lessons, writing discussion boards, writing papers on the computer my eyes are spent.

Hopefully I can get back into this because I love my blog, the blogs I follow and all my dear followers but I am just in a blogging rut.

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Anonymous said...

It's okay to be in a blogging rut sometimes. Lord knows that I have been in one many a time! :P I hope that school does not wear you out too much, and I also hope it is going well for you :)