Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did You Try To Make Me Cry?

Well, an interesting thing happened today. I am going to spare the details but it got me thinking something. Why do people try to hurt others by attacking their self esteem. Essentially today someone told me, and I quote;  

"I have knowledge of your own, rather embarrassing and personal past. Your lack of intelligence, even basic procedure, common sense, and pitifully low self esteem that you can never hide well makes you not just a poor leader but a low class individual."

The problem with this is, it was meant to hurt me, but in reality it made me laugh. This was said by an individual that doesn't know me at all  and for the record, this occurred when I was talking to this individual about their work ethic. One, yes, I have a past, and there are moments in that past that are less than good memories, but it happened, I learned from all my experiences and in the end they have made me a better person. Anyone who asks about my past, I tell them the truth. It is, what it is, there is no reason to hide it. Two, I do not claim to be the smartest person out there. Actually, school isn't really my strongest suit, but if I did, in fact, lack intelligence, common sense and knowledge of basic procedure I wouldn't have my current job, nor would I get paid as much as I do. Lastly, My self esteem is actually through the roof. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE who I am.  This is mostly due to my past. Through every undesirable person and situation I have encountered I have taken the opportunity to learn, laugh, love and move on. I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be, I have bad days, I have days where I just lay and cry but in the end I am happy with who I am, and the work I put forward. This is why this statement, which was meant to be a personal attack, truly gave me a chuckle.

My past isn't perfect. I am not the smartest. I am not the most eloquent. I am not a perfect leader nor a perfect individual but I am proud of who I am and everything I do.

I feel like people who are not okay with themselves get defensive and try to bring others down. Instead in pointing out what you feel is wrong with others why don't individuals turn the scrutiny the other way to fix themselves? Just a thought.

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Star Spangled said...

You go girl! Don't listen to the nay-sayers, listen to the yay-sayers! :)