Our Story

It is actually a funny story how we met. It all began in May of 2009. I can't get fully into the story without telling some back story first. After high school my amazing friend Courtney went to college in Utah, where T is from. SOOOOOO, she met T while he was on leave. Then when she came back for summer, and he was back in California for work, they still hung out.

Flash forward a week or so, my roommate (at the time) and I threw an party at our place. Courtney brought T and some other guy. I vaguely remember the night because 1, I was petty schwasted, and 2 there was like 70 people slammed into our tiny apartment. Anyway, what I do remember is that T talked a lot compared to his friend AND that he was harassing/ making fun of me in my room.

Flash forward (yes again) to a couple days later Courtney had called me up to see if I wanted to go with her pick up some friends. Luckily I was not working that day so I went with her. First we picked up her friend, and T's best friend, Austin, at the airport then we picked T up at Camp P.

It was kind of rocky at first but for that whole week we were all like on one perpetual double date. We did everything from San Diego up to LA. It is interesting how everything worked out. I was sure I wasn't his type and (as I found out later) he thought I was out of his league. I think because we thought nothing was going to come of us hanging out, so we just acted like ourselves.

Flash forward (last time, I promise) to 5 months later, us, madly in love, said goodbye to each other for 7 months. It was deployment time. It is funny, a few weeks before I asked him what would happen to us. He told me,
"Well, I am going to deploy. Then I am going to come back home and marry you."

I said, "WAITTT A SECOND! We can't rush into stuff like this" but sure enough our love grew exponentially while he was Deployed. He came home 7 months later. Officially popped the question a few months following, and 9 months after that on June 25th, 2011 we got married!!

That's the story so far folks! Be sure to read my blog to hear more!